All the way from the tallest mountains to the grassy plains, there are things you can do to help protect the natural resources and amazing beauty of the New Mexico outdoors. We want our families to continue to enjoy all of the great opportunities that we have available to us for years and years to come. By taking some time out to spend some time with nature whether you are ballooning, biking, camping, or even snow skiing you can get a better feel of how important it is that we continue to protect what we still have. There are many ways to do your part, for example you could start recycling. The EPA reports that almost 80 of what Americans throw away is recyclable. That alone is a massive amount of trash that could be kept out of landfills and large amount of trees that did not need to be cut down. Also another way to help is to support New Mexico’s state parks, this is a great way to help fund the protection of many of New Mexico’s natural resources, while at the same time getting to enjoy anything from rock climbing to wind surfing. All it takes is a little time and effort and anyone can help protect New Mexico’s natural resources.