Rebecca had beautiful blue eyes and a mane of bright red hair, but after her lover found her in the arms of another, Rebecca disappeared. Not merely a mystery, this story has become a legend upon reports of ashtrays moving, lights turning on and off, and doors slamming shut. Unexplained phenomena are still occurring today in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Cloudcroft sits atop the beautiful Sacramento Mountains in the middle of the forest. Although many people are surprised that New Mexico has forests, the state is as varied as its people are.

The Sacramento Mountains are one of the many mountain chains in New Mexico, each with their own beautiful forests and legends. The Sacramento Mountains are located in the Lincoln National Forest in the southern part of the state where hiking, biking, and backpacking abound.

Forests in New Mexico are magnificent. There are five national forests: Carson, Cibola, Gila, Lincoln, and Santa Fe. Each forest is unique and you will experience a myriad of landscapes. Water is scarce in New Mexico but waterfalls and springs are widespread.

While visiting the forests take time to smell the air, listen to the birds, and watch for wildlife. Fossils, arrowheads, raspberries, and wildflowers are plentiful.

New Mexico has a reputation for its dry and dusty conditions and it is common for the forest service to close the forest during the fire season: May, June and some of July. Check with the Forest Service before planning your trip.

Falls are gorgeous and winters can vary from cold to temperate. If there has been enough precipitation, the forests will offer excellent snoeshoeing, downhill and cross country skiing. Take time to enjoy what New Mexico has to offer, and please be respectful of the forest, always leaving it in better condition than when you entered it.