Taking a trip to Santa Fe can be exhilarating – but don’t let it ruin the environment! If you’ve already got your SecurityChoice.com alarm set and you’re waiting on your flight take note of these easy activities you can do once you land that will help preserve the beauty of New Mexico –
Visit a Museum – Renowned painter Georgia O’Keefe was from Santa Fe and she did some of her best work here. Her museum is hung with huge pictures of the local flora and it’s built in sustainable adobe style.
Rancho de las Golondrinas – It’s a popular site that’s all about preservation – some of the buildings here are over 200 years old. Come to this grassy area to see some locals and nap a spell – it’s that laid back here in Santa Fe!
Tara’s Organic – It’s our favorite restaurant in town and it’s all about organic, sustainable food. Tara knows how to utilize the local produce here and if you’re looking for a real taste of Southwestern cuisine you’ve found your spot. Tara’s always has a line so come prepared.