On the surface, New Mexico is a beautiful and scenic state abundant in natural beauty. Yet, beneath the surface beauty, lies a wealth of natural minerals that is unknown to most. Many of these minerals you are probably very familiar with such as quartz and copper. However, New Mexico is also home to many more exotic minerals such as smithsonite, malachite, brochantite, spangolite, and endlichite. Many of these minerals are very elusive and hard to find for everyone but the most seasoned searchers while some are fairly common and easy to locate.

On the professional side, New Mexico is in fact the largest producer of potash, perlites, and zeolites in the United States. In other professionally mined minerals such as pumice they are the second largest producer while they come in third in copper and crude mica. The professional mining of these minerals plays a significant role in the economy of New Mexico overall.

Whether you are taking in the natural beauty in a remote location in the desert or near a large metropolitan area, you are probably very near to a myriad of natural mineral resources. As in most things, the beauty of New Mexico is definitely more than meets the eye.