New Mexico has a great deal of scenic, outdoor beauty. The mountains and deserts combine both natural beauty and colors that identify it as uniquely New Mexico. But there are also places in New Mexico that have a great amount of history of early natives to this continent. One such place is the Bandelier National Monument. Named after anthropologist Adolph Bandelier, this wilderness area has been protected since 1919.

Located in northern New Mexico, this wilderness area contains the remains of the dwellings of the ancestors of the Pueblo people.I was looking for more information and found it here. These cave like structures contain petroglyphs and rock paintings. The largest concentration of archaeological sites assessable to the public is in Frijoles Canyon. There are many trails in the surrounding areas that hikers are allowed to explore. Much of these can be explored during the day. Special permits are required for overnight camping.

Along with the history of early man, a hiker can experience the wildlife of New Mexico. In and around this canyon area are deer, and elk. Smaller animals such as squirrels, horned toads, tarantulas, lizards, and snakes can be seen. Birds such as vultures and hawks live in the area. There are also bears and cougars but both of these dangerous animals avoid people, and are usually found at higher elevations in Bandelier.